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Frequently asked questions


1.  How big will my puppy get?

A.  I really have no way of knowing.  All I can do is guess based on previous litters and size of parents.  I do my best to give you an educated guess but that's the best I can do.


2.  What color will my puppy's eyes be?

A.  Again, I really have no true idea of how they will turn out but can usually guess fairly well by 4 weeks old.  Sometimes earlier.  I cannot guarantee that the eye color that your puppy has when it goes home with you is the eye color it will keep.


3.  Can you still ship your puppies?

A.  Yes I can.  I fly most of my puppies to anywhere in the US for $400 with the exception of Hawaii.  I can also fly puppies to Canada for $500.  I am working on developing a relationship with ground shippers to see if that is a more cost effective method of getting your puppy to you safely but for now, I fly them. It is the fastest, safest way to get your puppy to you if you can't come pick them up in person. I am also now using a Pet Nanny service in the summertime as I no longer am able to get puppies out of my airport.  Prices vary for that service but typically run $475 - $550.


4.  Do I have to vaccinate my puppy when I bring it home?

A.  YES!  You will be provided a health record of everything that has been done to your pet.  You will be given instructions as to when your puppy will need to be seen by a licensed veterinarian and what vaccinations will be needed.  All puppies sold by me MUST be seen by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving your puppy.  Please read the contract!


5.  Will my puppy come potty trained?

A.  Your puppy will need some time before they can "hold it".  All of my puppies are started with a "potty pool".  It's a small kiddy wading pool that is bought at a local dollar store.  We fill the bottom with bedding used in our horse stalls, place it in the corner of the kennel when the puppies are around 4 weeks old,  and the puppies naturally navigate towards it around 5-6 weeks old.  Usually by 8 weeks of age, they are using it fairly well.  That, by no means, will make your baby arrive potty trained but if you use something of the same nature, it will certainly help teach them where to go.  Please feel free to ask about it.  I've been getting really good feedback on this method of potty training.  


6.  What is genetic testing and what do I need to know about it?

A. Genetic testing is a tool that breeders use to try to avoid & perhaps even eliminate some of the known genetic issues with aussies.  This by no means should be the be all and end all of deciding on a puppy for a companion.  Sometimes these dogs may be carrying a gene around but that doesn't mean that they are affected by that gene, just that they may pass it to any offspring they may have.  So, unless you are a breeder, some of these test results won't affect you unless your puppy is fully affected (inherited two copies of the gene).  And then, depending on what they are affected by, make you decisions based on that.  I always send test results home with the puppies.  So you always know what you puppy may or may not be affected by.  However, I do try to steer clear of crossing a carrier to a carrier thus avoiding puppies that would be fully affected.  The only exception to this is the MDR1 test.  If your puppy is affected by the MDR1 gene it means that it will be sensitive to certain drugs and that those drugs need to either be avoided or used very cautiously under a licensed veterinarian's advice.  It will in no way shape or form be detrimental to it's health or longevity.  Regardless of MDR1 testing results, I treat all of my dogs as if they are sensitive as the test has been found to be faulty and some non affected dogs are having issues with these drugs as well.



Please keep in mind that prices can vary per puppy but this is a good general guideline.


Tri male pups - $1000 pet, $1300 breeding

Tri female pups - $1200 pet, $1500 breeding

Merle male pups - $1200 pet, $1500 breeding

Merle female pups - $1500 pet, $1800 breeding



Double blue eyed tri male pups start at $1800

Double blue eyed tri female pups start at $2500